Wedding Photo Booth

Everything you need to Know about a Wedding Photo booth!

A Photobooth also known as a vending machine or a new age kiosk is mainly a coin-operated, automatic machine that processes cameras and film. The first-ever patent for such an automated photography machine was filed by William Pope and Edward Poole in the year 1888, in Baltimore. Nowadays, almost all Photo booths are digital. The newer concept of the Photobooth came on later with Anatol Josepho in the year 1923 and showcased his first Photobooth in 1925 in New York City. By the first six months of the invention of such a modern wedding photo booth, the machine was a big hit as it was used by more than 280,000 people.

 Photo booths are mostly used for passport photographs. These machines are usually coin-operated and can print photographs in certain formats that can suffice the work of a passport size picture. This machine can print multiple copies at a time for the customer’s future use.

Working in a photo booth

The modern photo booths also come with a number of other features like:-

  • Slow-motion video making
  • Recognition of facial gesture
  • Flipbook printing
  • Animated gif
  • Virtual costume dressing
  • Virtual props etc

Popularity of Photobooths

Photo booths have become widely popular across the world. Different companies are also allowed to rent their photo booths for a certain period at parties or wedding reception and other places. They are most common in the United States. Los Angeles alone has a total of 600 or more photo booth rental companies now. The photo booths are also popular in other countries like Canada, the UK, and Australia.