Types of freight forwarding used in cargo delivery services

The process of moving cargo using freight transport companies from the point of origin to its endpoint is known as cargo pengiriman barang.

This company is responsible for taking the order from the warehouse, transportation, and delivery of the cargo to the relevant person or destination. This method makes safe transport during the transport process.

Types involved in it

  • Ocean forwarding
  • Air forwarding
  • truck forwarding

Ocean forwarding

rpx logisticOcean cargo pengiriman barang is a forwarding service that is used for transporting a large number of goods from one country to another country via the ocean. This method is preferred by most transport companies as it is less harmful to the environment and cheaper compared to other methods. Ocean forwarding helps to reduce the distance and reach the product quicker than other methods.

Air forwarding

This method is used to forward cargo by air. They have certain restrictions while using this method for transportation purposes. This method is commonly used to transport automobiles, clothes, food items, clothes, and other manufactured goods.

Truck forwarding

Truck forwarding is a common method used by all delivery services to deliver their cargo to a particular location. They use individual’s vehicle to deliver their company’s products to the customer’s location. They are also used to move cargo from one place to another.

This type of forwarding is used for specialized types of products with different types of trucks based on the essential rate of the product and the place to be delivered.