Best traditional fruit cake Singapore to Food lovers

Tea time is a time when everything is rested. It is a tradition for everyone to rest their hands and enjoy the cake with tea. Fruitcake is a world-class and excellent confectionery created through many years of ingenuity. The mission is to bring the best traditional fruit cake singapore to food lovers around the world with its freshly baked flavor.

Fruitcake mail order afternoon tea

Using the true heritage of fruitcake recipes, carefully baked each cake one by one in a state-of-the-art retailer’s association (brc) certified factory, packed it in elegant sweets cans, and deliver it to traditional fruitcake fans surrounded by rolling hills and green meadows. You can eat them as it is as all cakes are handmade. One by one, it was baked in a can lined with bedding, and the freshly baked flavor and aroma were confined in a vacuum pack as is.


Because of the vacuum-packed can specification, not only can it be stored for a long time but also safely protects the product under any climatic conditions in the process of transportation, storage, and delivery to business partners. After opening, avoid high temperatures and humidity. If you store it in a cool place, you can enjoy it deliciously.

Fruitcake products

Fruitcake is baked using a traditional recipe and is an instant meal. It comes in a beautiful container that can be stored for a long time. It is ideal for department stores and gifts. The famous fruitcake with three flavorful raisins (raisins, currants, and sultana), bittersweet citrus peel, candied cherries, and spices. A bona fide fruitcake handmade using original recipes.