Misconceptions Your Family Has About Aquarium Decoration Stones

If you want to decorate your aquarium wood décor with aquarium decoration stones, it is rarely necessary to buy it at an expensive company. The forest is full of various fallen branches, some of which are quite suitable for the aquarium.

Aquarium wood decor can come in many shapes and sizes

Aquarium wood decor for your fish tank is a great way to spruce it up. There are many different types of wood that you can use and many different shapes and sizes. You can buy all of this at your local pet store. But if you want authentic aquarium wood decor, you will have to find some yourself.

It’s pretty simple to find good driftwood. The best place to look is in the woods at the edge of a lake or river. The tree branches that have fallen and are washed up on the shore are perfect candidates for aquarium wood decor.

If you look inside the hollow part of the branch, you will probably see a lot of insect larvae in there. Don’t be alarmed; they will soon die off once they are out of the water, and they won’t bother your fish anyway. And if you want to speed up the drying process even faster, just put some salt in there.

Driftwood makes great aquarium wood decor because it looks so natural. If you can find a piece with a knothole in it, then that would be ideal for shrimp or plecos to hide in. Or, if there is a hole or crack in it, you could try stuffing java moss into it.